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Nicki Minaj scolds her co-host after he misgenders guest Ts Madison

Nicki Minaj corrects co-host who misgenders Ts Madison.
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Singer Nicki Minaj's new radio show Queen Radio on iTunes had internet personality Ts Madison (Maddie) as a guest on Thursday's broadcast and they talked frankly about sex and relationships.

Minaj's co-host Jean Nelson got into the mix and when the conversation turned and Ts burst into song like she usually does, that's when Nelson quipped “You may have to cut his mic off.”

The "Anaconda" singer quickly corrected him. “Excuse me, that’s a woman,” Minaj said. “That’s a queen.”

But Maddie took him to task herself,  "Sir in the room if you don't don't know anything about the Ts Madison I am a transgender woman honey."

Minaj interjected by saying to cut Nelson's mic off for good, "You don’t fu**ing know who Ts Madison is, Jean? You better Google her!” said Minaj.

Nelson back peddled a bit saying he's “got love for all communities, transgender, everything.” But then admitted he didn't know who Maddie was, claiming he doesn't follow people with "weak numbers" on social media. 

That's when Maddie let him know she is one of the first trans social media personalities who helped "reshape the internet."

“You better run your resumé,” Minaj shouted, “You know---don’t even run your resumé, Maddie.”

Ts Madison and Minaj sparked a friendship born in direct messaging late last year when Maddie was hosting her social media rundown show "The Queen's Court" with rapper Khia. It was rumored that Minaj had suggested producing their program causing some resentment with Khia who suddenly went AWOL.

Since then Madison has reinvigorated her show now called "The Queen's Supreme Court," with special co-hosts every Monday. 

After her talk with Minaj, Madison took to Instagram to show her gratitude, “Thank you Queen, it was lit!”

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Listen to the interview below NSFW: The interaction begins at 15:54: