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"Bewitched" is getting a reboot

"Bewitched" getting a reboot from ABC.
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Everyone's favorite TV witch is popping back on television, but this time she's going to be a person of color Deadline reports.

The publication says ABC is developing a new "Bewitched"  which will focus on Samantha, the role made famous by Elizabeth Montgomery. The show will follow “a hardworking black single mom who happens to be a witch, marries Darren, a white mortal who happens to be a bit of a slacker.”

As with the old show, the couple will have their differences while Samantha, "discovers that even when a black girl is literally magic, she’s still not as powerful as a decently tall white man with a full head of hair in America.”

Kenya Barris, creator of "Black-ish" and that show's writer/producer Yamara Taylor are behind the reboot, Harris successfully pitching the series to the network before he was hired over at Netflix.

On its surface, "Bewitched" was just a successful situation comedy (as far as the censors were concerned) with great chemistry between its stars. But underneath there were metaphors for being different and that's what appealed to gay men everywhere. 

The gay community embraced that comparison and its star Agnes Moorehead, Samantha's meddling painted mother who was quick to cast shade against her hot-tempered son-in-law.

Endora wore fabulous muumuus, kaftans and drag-style makeup. 

Add a flamboyant Uncle Arthur played by the equally fierce Paul Lynde to the mix and the real-life gay actor Dick Sargent and the show was a groundbreaker in some ways. 

In the 80's, Elizabeth Montgomery was a gay rights activist and a champion for AIDS awareness. 

Casting pools will probably trend until the final announcement, but it will be fun to try and guess who will take on the many iconic roles. Some have already speculated that a drag queen might be perfect as any one of the memorable characters from the show's eight seasons.  

We'll keep you posted.