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Listen to Cher's "SOS" the second single from her ABBA cover album

"SOS" is the second song from Cher from her upcoming ABBA tribute album.
Photo credit:
Cher - Twitter

Cher has dropped the second single from her ABBA tribute album and it's another dance step in the right direction. 

The song "SOS" originally released by ABBA in 1975 gets an updated reboot thanks to the Goddess of Pop who has been sourcing the Swedish pop band as inspiration recently.

The "Believe" singer even appeared in "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" a sequel to the 2008 film based on the jukebox stage musical. 

One Twitter follower announced that he loved the new tunes and asked Cher herself if all the songs on her forthcoming album Dancing Queen will be modernized. 

“Each Song is its own special Entity," Cher replied. "Waterloo is Homage to Benny & Bjorn…Many Of Them Are my version of their dreams. If you Listen to Fernando you know it’s theirs. Benny & Mark Did track.Waterloo, Mamma Mia Are Just FUN..One Of Us Is (crying emoji). Chuiqitita….Ahh.. Name of Game (wind and snowflake emoji).”

You can listen to "SOS" below: