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The on-stage slap heard across the gay pageant world

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A video has been circulating around social media of the Miss Gay Texas USofA pageant that happened over the weekend. 

During the crowning, Dion Luna, who took home first runner-up and received a standing ovation in the talent portion, came up to Sasha Lauren and after they exchanged some words (inaudible in the video)  slapped her in the face on stage

In a Facebook Live video posted on Saturday, Dion explains his version of what happened and what caused him to take a swing at Sasha. We reached out to Sasha Lauren but have yet to receive a response. 

In his Live video, Dion starts off saying he's lost every year for 14 years but through all that time has been a "very graceful loser." He goes on to say that he didn't feel he was being negative or intimidating. But it was when they dismissed the top five from the stage things got ugly. 

"As I was walking off," explains Dion in the video, "She [Sasha] was telling me that I don't know how to act...in Spanish she was telling me that I'm trash, that I should learn." He says that's when he paused and looked at her and asked, "What did you say?" He claims Sasha continued to berate him in Spanish repeating that he didn't know how to act. You cannot hear what is said in the video. 

"And I told her 'tell me that one more time' 'cause I don't think I heard you," Luna continues, "She was brave enough to tell me one more time well bitch -- you're going to be brave enough to tell me that I'm f***in' trash, then you're brave enough to take that f***in' hit and I'll hit you again bitch." 

The altercation made its rounds on Facebook and Luna's personal account has been seen more than 10k times. 

We also tried to get a statement from USofA Pageants LLC to see what their rules are for contestants acting out violently on stage, but they declined, saying only: 

"If a statement is released from USofA Pageants National Office we will make sure you are included and receives a copy of such statement. Until then (if there is a "then") there is no statement from USofA Pageants LLC"

In fact, there is no rule that specifically says violence is cause for disqualification only that it is not allowed in the talent portion. Although Luna said he might consider giving back the $500 consolation prize for first runner-up. 

It should be noted though that the organization stipulates in its rules that "USofA Pageants LLC reserves the right to make any decision concerning any matter not covered by these rules and regulations."

Crystal Lauren ended up winning the title.

You can watch the on-stage altercation HERE.

Dion Luna's response is HERE

*Originally this story said that there is a $100 consolation prize. After talking to Dion Luna, he says it is actually $500. This article now reflects that change.