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Adult star Wesley Woods gay bashed, says LGBT people should be prepared to "fight for your life" if need be

Wesley Woods says LGBT people should not walk alone in public.
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Wesley Woods - Facebook

Gay adult star Wesley Woods has a lot of followers on social media and last week he addressed them after saying he was gay bashed by three "straight white hetero men in West Hollywood California." 

He made this announcement on social media by way of a video. Appearing with a cut on his nose and a swollen top lip, the model explained that he and his best friend were only walking down the street in the LGBT friendly part of Los Angeles when they were attacked. 

In the caption for the post Woods warns that the enemy wants people to be afraid, "they want to force you into their idea of normal. I am not, you are not, none of us are— 'normal.' We live this life the best we can with what we’ve been given in hopes of being our true self. Do not hide, fight for your space to exist and ALWAYS be YOU!!!"

He also explains in the NSFW video (language) that he is not looking for anything, only that he wants the community to not fall into a false sense of security. 

"I’m not posting this video for sympathy, I’m posting this video for awareness," he says. "You’re not always safe in the places where you think you are. Always have someone next to you. Always be aware of your surroundings. And be prepared to fight for your life."

The video has since been viewed over 18k times and many of his followers have saluted him for coming forward with his message. 

*Correction this story incorrectly said Woods was attacked by one man, it has been corrected to state it was three.