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Kim Kardashian accused of ambiguously "outing" Tyson Beckford in IG read

Kardashian says Tyson Beckford doesn't like her body because he's gay.
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Social media has become a place to air one's opinions as inappropriate as they may be. The latest Hollywood verifieds are Tyson Beckford and Kim Kardashian. Beckford drew first blood on Instagram when he posted that he didn't like Kardashian's allegedly enhanced body. 

He said he personally "didn't care for" it, adding, "She is not real, doctor f**ked up her on her right hip," he ended with a vomiting emoji.

The Shade Room got involved and reported on Beckford's misogynistic and shaming comment to which Kardashian clapped back something just as bad, maybe worse, "Sis we know why you don't care for it," adding a teacup, frog, and nail polish emoji, thus implying that Beckford is gay,

Followers then got into the crossfire saying that Beckford should not have posted the thing he did, but  Kardashian should not have used homosexuality as a punchline either. 

"How are those 2 things even the same thing?" asked Otto Rocket. "Tyson insulted her first and she defended herself, but yet you think she's the one in the wrong"

The Opinion replied, "She isn’t wrong for defending herself. She’s wrong for HOW she defended herself. Using someone’s sexual preference as a way to shade them is violence. Defending homophobia will get you blocked. Take your ass on."

Obviously, both celebrities were wrong, but outing somebody, whether it's true or not might be going over a line even on social media.