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Joe Phillips pays tribute to iconic artist Albert Hirschfeld in special collection

Joe Phillips pays homage to caricaturist Albert Hirschfeld adding his own twist.
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Alexander Salazar Fine Art

Joe Phillips is an artist who is based in San Diego and has worked with DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse and many more. 

So when Comic-Con comes to town he goes all-out to celebrate along with the thousands of other pop culture fans. 

This year in time for Comic-Con, he created a series of black and white prints which pay homage to perhaps one of the greatest caricaturists of the modern age, Albert Hirschfeld. 

Hirschfeld drew Hollywood celebrities and Broadway stars in black ink, his work often appeared in publications such as The New Yorker, Collier's, and Rolling Stone to name a few. 

Phillips, inspired by Hirschfeld work, added a superhero twist to create his own collection. He says his affection for the artist began after looking at theater programs when he was younger. 

"I first fell in love with the work of Al Hirschfeld when I was in theater school back in Atlanta," said Phillips. "My director had all of these wonderful Playbills he had done framed on his wall and I would stare at them for what seemed like hours trying to draw with his flair. My director saw my drawings and had me create drawings of the theater department and I’ve been mimicking his work ever since."

Fast forward to many years later and Phillips' own influence in pop culture and how he morphed the past to the present in this one-of-a-kind collection. 

"One of my other passions--comic books, and superhero films--made me think what would it have been like in the past if they made these kinds of films with classic stars like Bette Davis and Elizabeth Taylor," explains Phillips. "My mind crossed the streams and I came up with my tribute to Al’s work as Hirschfeld’s Heroes."

The collection was on display at Alexander Salazar Fine Art gallery during Comic-Con and many came to see these unique works of art. 

You can get your hands on the prints by emailing Alexander Salazar Fine Art at AS@AlexanderSalazarFineArt.com or call 619-531-8996. 

Pieces range from $500 for the smaller ones to $800 for the larger.  

For other works by Joe Phillips, contact him by clicking HERE