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Rapper Wiz Khalifa thinks men shouldn't eat whole bananas in public

Wiz Khalifa thinks men shouldn't eat bananas in pubic.
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Hip-hop artist singer and songwriter Wiz Khalifa caught the attention of the internet recently when he appeared on the popular radio show “The Breakfast Club" with host Charlamagne tha God.

Oddly their conversation turned to straight men eating bananas in public, something Khalifa says you shouldn't do. 

“If you bite into a banana, you sus[pect],” Khalifa said on air. 

He was apparently talking about how the yellow fruit looks like a phallus and that can make a man eating one whole look as though he's performing a sex act. 

“You gotta break it in pieces, bro,” Khalifa added. “If you a n*gga, n*ggas gotta break the banana in half.”

This bit of advice only holds true in large groups, “If you’re in public, just break it into pieces,” Khalifa offered, adding: “I’m just trying to help you out, bro.”

This bit of logic made no sense to people on social media and they quickly handed out their scorn. 

"Wiz Khalifa said in an interview that it’s gay for men to eat bananas," tweeted @PennMonster, "can you imagine your masculinity being THAT fragile? C’mon Wiz."

Wrote another, "Wiz trying to explain why men should break a banana in half and eat it in pieces is the height of homophobia and fragile masculinity and patriarchy. How insecure/ignorant/hateful you gotta be to see a fruit as a d in the mouth?"

Travon Free wrote, "Hey @wizkhalifa if you think eating a banana will make you wanna blow a guy you probably already wanna blow a guy. Also your logic is incredibly stupid, juvenile and homophobic. You should try to be a smarter person."