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Drag performer says "Drag Race" alumni got paid for gig, she didn't

Drag performer says she hasn't gotten paid for shows, but her Drag Race co-stars did.
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Greg Bailey - Biblegirl - Facebook

New York City-based drag queen and entrepreneur Biblegirl is none too happy with a promoter who still hasn't paid her for a gig she did for with RuPaul's Drag Race stars.

She accuses Kweer Touring and Events of not paying her coin that reaches into the thousands of dollars because she is not an alumni of Drag Race.

She tweeted about the situation this past Friday::

“Not really sure how to start this THREAD other than: @KweerTandE currently owes me a remaining $3,750 USD. I am not throwing out a number as a means of bragging, but to anchor the situation at hand and to drive home the point of how serious and unfair this is.”

LGBT publication Queerty got wind of the story and reached out to the entertainer who said she performed on tour for two weeks in Austalia leading up to Queerexpo. She alleges the promoter has been deleting comments about the lack of payment and others have been coming forward to say they were treated the same way.

Here's what Biblegirl revealed to them: 

“Tour was called ‘Beauty & The Beats’ Tour. The line up included BenDelaCreme, Ongina, Morgan McMichaels, myself, @allaboutfka, Hungry, and domestic hostess Bebe Gunn.”

“QueerExpo included above lineup along with Mayhem Miller, Mariah Balenciaga, and Vicavious. All of us got on well for the tour— contract said we were supposed to be paid half of pay in a deposit towards the beginning of the tour if not TWO weeks prior to tour initiating.”

“We were supposed to be paid in person on final day of QueerExpo but promoter Pete had wound up convincing all of us it would come later,” she explains. “We’re nearly a month out now from end of tour and still no pay. When I inquired directly, I was given the bogus fraud story which is detailed in my pinned tweet. Which now it’s coming to light those documents are forged and don’t even have the proper letterhead.”

“He has been deleting comments on any of his pages pertaining to paying me along with other performers such as FKA who has gone public. Other people workin events such as QueerExpo or DJ’s from specific cities are all now coming out and saying their payout is MIA too. Still haven’t heard from him since calling attention to it. Last I heard was when he texted me convoluted fraud story last week.”

Some needed clarification, "So, they just paid rugirls??? Ok, werk..." tweeted pink lizard.

Biblegirl responded, "no, some rugirls have also not been paid. it goes beyond initial inclination. i do not feel at liberty to discuss until they choose to be public about it."

Queerty reached out to Kweer Touring and Events, who is currently promoting Vanessa Vanjie Matteo's tour for comment. But they say so far they have not heard back from them.