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Iceman and Pyro are an item

Pyro and Iceman have a moment in the latest issue of X-Men Gold.
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Just in time for San Diego Comic-Con, the X-Men universe has revealed a new twist in relationships, this one between two of its male heroes.

In the preview for issue 32 of X-Men Gold, Bobby Drake (Iceman) and Simon Lasker (Pyro) are having a "day after" moment in the privacy of their hotel room. Pyro clad only in a towel and Iceman still in bed beneath the sheets joke about the number of times they hooked up the previous night. 

Pyro: Morning, shower’s free. Or I could go back in if you want company.

Iceman: I thought we agreed last night was a one-time thing.

Pyro: Actually, if I’m counting right, last night was a three-time thing.

News spread of the meetup and fans have praised the pairing as well as  Marvel's inclusive arc. 

Many who appreciate the affair are reflecting on their teenage years when such a revelation would have been a pubescent life-changer. 

"Wow all of my childhood fantasies from the first X-Men film are coming true," wrote ShadupJoe on Twitter

"I’m having a heart attack right now and I’m 65," wrote another.

The issue goes on sale July 18.