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Gain detergent spot has dad sniffing his jock strap

Detergent ad has some questioning whether it's in bad taste.
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Gain Flings! TV Commercial, 'The Sweet Smell of Defeat'

In an interesting campaign from Gain laundry detergent, they advertise just how well their product gets clothes clean, even a used jock strap. 

The spot, running for about a week, has pricked up the ears and keyboards of social media who are pretty divided about the ad. 

"The Sweet Smell of Defeat" shows two brothers who want to play a practical joke on their sleeping dad by placing the athletic supporter over his face while he snoozes. But much to their surprise, he is unaffected, in fact, he smiles in his sleep apparently because Gain "Flings" are so effective that any traces of odor have vanished. 

Seeing their dad's reaction, the boys decide to take a whiff themselves and concur: The undergarment smells wonderful. 

Social media critics don't seem impressed with the pitch and are confused about why the company would create such a concept. 

Queerty did some research and posted a few of the comments from Twitter about the campaign.

"@ProcterGamble What the hell is that #Gain ad with the kids sniffing a jockstrap? And putting it on their dads face? This is beyond the pale. @Gain needs to stop airing this ad," wrote Patrick.

Bigintentions tweeted, "@Gain #jockstrapcommercial I am not sure this is appropriate to show kids sniffing their dads jockstrap. Very disturbing in my opinion. Anyone eles bothered by this?"

Some even say the ad is homoerotic in nature, "Gain Dad cuddling and sniffing a jockstrap is gay culture now."

You can watch the full ad HERE.