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Instagram apologizes for taking down photo of men kissing

Instagram apologizes and reposts a picture of kissing men.
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Stock photo - Pixabay

Social media has become a place for people who don't agree with you to report your page in hopes of taking it down. Whether the checks and balances are fair or not is yet to be determined, but Instagram has already apologized twice recently for removing content that someone reported as offensive. First was the Warwick Rowers who create all male calendars in the buff in order to bring awareness to homophobia in the sports world. 

The latest was the image to the left, taken by photographer Stella Asia Consonni which shows real-life couple Jordan Bowen and Luca Lucifer in a kiss and appeared in fashion publication i-D Magazine. The collection of photos in which the kiss appears is actually a part of Consonni's project called "Love Me."

But Instagram didn't love Stella's editorial at first, she received a message from them that the pic violated "community guidelines." Instagram warned, “If you violate our guidelines again your  account may be restricted or disabled.”

This didn't sit well with the artists who fired back with a post of her own:

“Dear Instagram,” she wrote. “I am utterly disgusted that you have just deleted a picture of a gay couple kissing. This is the pic that has just been taken down. Are you for real?!”

She added: “And to the horrible person that reported it: Get the F off my Gram and crawl back to your homophobic little insignificant existence.”

Many people were taken aback by the censorship of the photo, and the powers that be at Instagram put it back up, "This post was removed in error and we are sorry. It has since been reinstated," said a spokesperson.

You can take a look at Stella Asia Consonni's (NSFW) photo spread HERE