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Thai ad based on real-life story of trans woman will have you in tears

A Thailand hair product commercial follows the journey of a trans woman from her youth to adulthood and there's not a dry eye in the house.

Based on the real-life story of 20-year-old Rock Kwanlada, first runner-up Miss Tiffany Universe 2017, the ad for Sunsilk is titled 'Hair Talk' and is told from the point of view of her hair. 

It begins with what most every young boy dreads, a trip to the barber. But for our young subject, it has a deeper meaning because he does not identify with the gender he was assigned at birth. 

Still, our little hero must keep this secret and endure trips to the barbershop throughout childhood and into adolescence. That is until some classmates pitch in for a wig. This starts a journey of transition that seems fine at first until her father finds the wig and has a somber reaction.

By the end, father and daughter have an emotional reckoning which leaves both with a better understanding of each other. 

The commercial was an instant hit on social media, with 2.5 million organic views in the first 48 hours,

Within 2 months, it had sparked a nationwide conversation around gender and stereotypes, according to YouTube, gathering over 37 million views in Thailand alone.