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Harry Styles shows lots of pride at recent concert

Harry Styles shows the spirit of Pride at recent concert in PA.
Photo credit:
Karla Balcazar

Former One Direction boy bandmate Harry Styles brought Pride to his concert in Philadelphia on June 15 when a fan showed up with a Pride flag with a special message so he used it on stage. 

Karla Balcazar showed up to the concert with the special banner she made herself with the words "Make America Gay Again" sewn into the fabric. 

According to Pink News, Balcazar waited in line to get into the concert venue with a ticket in hand. But, there was a problem. She explains: 

“Turns out the tickets we got sold were sold to 57 other girls so basically we was all screwed,” she explains through tweets.“Okay so I had to buy floor seats so I can even get inside the venue and I told a security guard about our situation (JEFF IS AN ICON) and he told me that me and my friend can still go into GA bc he saw us waiting in line all those hours."

“Ok BUT THAT AINT ALL OF IT YALL. When harry came out and sang Only Angel HE BLEW ME A KISS,” she wrote. 

After that interaction, Balcazar says Styles took notice of her flag during one of his signature songs. 

“Ok so after that everything was all fine and dandy and he was singing WMYB (What Makes You Beautiful) and HOMEBOY ASKS ME FOR MY FLAG A BITCH WAS SHOOK.”

The 24-year-old pop star then raised the flag to cheering fans who reveled in the message and Balcazar's social media feed has been blowing up with words of support ever since. 

This isn't the first time Styles has used the Pride flag in his stage show. Last year he had one draped over his microphone during a solo tour.