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'Stranger Things' star deletes social media account because of fake homophobic memes

Social media trolls are at it again this week. First, they stampeded against Kelly Marie Tran of The Last Jedi with hateful comments, now it's star Millie Bobby Brown who plays the supernatural supergirl Eleven on the Netflix series Stranger Things. 

Both Tran and Brown have deactivated their Twitter accounts because of the attacks, some posts gathered thousands of reactions.

Unlike Tran's bullying which consisted of racist vitriol, Brown was bombarded with homophobic memes which promote gun violence. Not only is the 14-year-old star a supporter of the LGBT community she has also stood behind the Parkland shooting survivors and activists. 

The memes that plagued Brown's account were appropriated from her selfies and personal posts then overlayed with phrases such as, "just ran over a fa**ot...cant wait to kill all these gays off” and "I hate the word homophobia. It’s not a phobia. Why would I be scared of a fa**ot?”

There is no apparent reason why Brown was the target of these photoshopped entries, some have speculated that it was actually the offshoot of an inside joke within the LGBT community itself. 

Social media is becoming the watering hole for troll hordes. Some other stars have deleted their pages because of incessant abuse such as Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones and another Star Wars actress, Daisy Ridley. 

Millie Bobby Brown will return to her role in Stranger Things for season three.