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Monét X Change roasts Azealia Banks in twitter dispute

Monét X Change get her two cents in over Azealia/Mama Ru dispute.
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The shade continues three-fold as Monet X Change gets her purse first into the Azealia Banks and RuPaul dispute over copyrighted music.

For those of you who don’t know, Mama Ru’s song ”Call Me Mother” from the album American came under fire when Banks accused the Emmy winner of appropriating her vibe. The song in question, Banks’ “The Big Big Beat.”

Apparently, the hip-hop artist got RuPaul’s album removed from Spotify, but it reappeared a few days later.

Then Bank's started her Twittriol against Ru:

“I’m disappointed in him first and foremost as a black person. He was supposed to have my back … But he went with popular white gay sentiment and felt like I was disposable enough to steal from and discard. F*ck him.”

Several angry Tweets later, and Banks still wasn’t done.

“You think you’re punishing me by copying my music but you’re actually showing to me how fucking jealous of me you are. You hate how fabulous and free I am and hate the fact that there’s no amount of makeup or girdles that could make you me. @rupaul.”

Enter Monet X Change who came to Mama’s defense in Tweets of her own:

“I will no longer perform my Azealia Mix...EVER. @cheapyxo is rotted TRASH.”

Of course, that wasn’t the last word, and Banks let it fly:

“Bitch your crotch is rotting and fermenting under that sour mildew ass (laughing emoji) girdle sus I do not give a goddamn .. (more laughing emoji with tears)“

Clapping back, Monet typed: “Good one Azealia. Gotta love a tired bitch with preschool reads. Do you not realize that the LGBTQIA+ Community is the ONLY reason you have a career? The hetero community wasn’t checkin for yo ass before this debacle, and they won’t after. Obscurity is where you shall exist.”

RuPaul is staying out of it, only tweeting that her album America is still available on Spotify.