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Twitter reacts to user who says men with waists over 32" should not wear floral prints

"Just because Zara makes them in a XL doesn’t mean it’s for you.”
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Sometimes it’s the meanest tweets that get the most attention and one posted a few days ago by Twitter user “social (lightning bolt emoji) suicide™” has gone viral. He calls out larger men who wear floral prints, saying they just shouldn't do it:

“Dear gays with a waist larger than 32”," it read, "floral prints just aren’t for you sis. Just because Zara makes them in a XL doesn’t mean it’s for you.”

Somehow the Twittersphere found the proclamation en masse and deemed it shameful, they clapped back with responses brimming with self-esteem.

User Grant Douglas made it clear in his rebuttal that floral prints should be everywhere and worn with pride

“Dear gays with waists over 32″ Boys I better see you in shorts this summer. Bring out the speedos! Floral, pastel, patterned and TIGHT! I wanna see you in cut-offs! I wanna see you in designer and home made! Those florals from Zara have your name on them sis THICK BOYS IN SHORTS.”

Pink News reposted some of the heated responses, one under the handle named Jess who said:

“Well over a 32” waist and I look good in floral… so f**k you. Let people live."

Bobby Morales posted a picture of himself in a shirt with a darker print captioned, “IGNORANT. I can wear floral, I can wear stripes, I can wear what I please because I love my self enough to not let people like you get me down."

The tweet may have been stoked by a recent New York Times article titled "Welcome to the Age of the Twink" in which the author examines the trend of young, slender body types in both the gay and straight culture, taking reference from the film "Call Me By Your Name" and its main character Elio's appeal to his older male suitor. 

According to an NPR article from 2014 the average male waist size in America is about 38", but it should be noted men don't commonly purchase that size; the most commonly purchased is 34". 

But “social (lightning bolt emoji) suicide™” isn't troubled by the attention his tweet has garnered, "Looking forward to the think-pieces and podcast episodes on body shaming," he said. 

Still, one response by a user named Vin has gathered the most likes -- over 5K: "And just because you have an opinion, doesn't mean you should share it. That's the exact type of sh*t that's wrong with our community. Body shaming and excluding folks within a community that already struggles."