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Tyra Sanchez says threats against DragCon were actually "art"

Tyra Sanchez's ticking clock and social media threats were "art."
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It wasn’t a terrorist threat and it wasn’t an ominous PR stunt promoting a new single, it was simply “art” according to Tyra Sanchez about her perceived threats against DragCon which took place over the weekend.

The season two Drag Race winner asked people to stay away from the industry convention known as DragCon in early April. Then in May, she began a social media blast which some interpreted as being more than a boycott.

“Fair warning: DO NOT attend RuPaul’s DragCon on May 12, 2018. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

This and a subsequent post drew concern from people who in turn complained to the FBI. According to Gay Star News an email chain this past weekend was started containing a conversation between Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Los Angeles agent named Theodore Carreras and Sanchez in which the drag star explained the entire thing was misinterpreted.

"It’s art. It’s meant to be left up to the interpretation of the viewer. It’s not my fault how you or anyone else interprets my work. If you or other people don’t like my work, you guys don’t have to follow or engage with it. It’s that simple.

"I could’ve been warning them about the weather. [I] heard it’s supposed to rain that day. I could’ve been warning them about the racism involved with that event.

"From experience, I know how they treat people of color.

"I’m sorry everyone doesn’t have a mind as abstract as mine. Again, that’s their problem, not mine.

"IT’S ART! I HAVE BLACK GLITTER FINGERNAILS, I WEAR A “BEYONCE WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY” T-SHIRT AND I WALK WITH A TWIST! Yet you think I’m a threat? Come on now, man. I’m sure you have more serious cases you could be working on other than a guy who dresses as a woman for a living."

Sanchez accused the agent of investing too much into the comments section adding that she has been "bullied 10 years straight and now they’re worried I’m going to seek revenge. Understandably so. But again, I didn’t threaten anyone."

The convention uninvited Sanchez unless they received a public apology. They never got one so she was banned from attending.