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Alaska Thunderf**k makes horror film debut as a demon in ‘The Quiet Room’

Alaska Thunderfuck portrays Hattie the demonic spirit who haunts suicidal patients in "The Quiet Room."
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"The Quiet Room"

There are a lot of titles one might ascribe to Miss Alaska Thunderfuck. Drag performer, comedian, and musician all spring immediately to mind, but with her horror film debut in Sam Wineman’s The Quiet Room, she’s adding another: dedicated horror star.

The film, which will screen at this year’s FilmOut San Diego Film Festival, is already garnering rave reviews and Alaska’s performance as a demonic spirit who latches onto young men who have attempted suicide is a key element to its success.

Still, it wasn’t an easy process for the performer to take on, but one she was eager to try from the time she was given the script.

“They reached out, and I was around, and I love scary movies and doing new things,” she told SDGLN. “So I was like sure, let’s do it! I want to be a scary water monster girl!”

Scary is right.

Alaska plays the role of Hattie, the aforementioned demonic spirit who embodies the traits of depression and anxiety as she ultimately takes over the lives of the men she covets, with alacrity. She embraced the scary easily, but the process of becoming Hattie was something else entirely.

“I was sitting in the makeup chair for hours and hours and just naked while they put gloppy gloop on top of me over and over again,” she exclaimed. “But they were really incredible and I just hope I wasn’t too miserable of a subject!”

Still, she said, she would not trade her two days on set for anything.

“Trust and believe I was tired,” she said with her unmistakable laugh. “But I’m so pleased with the result and you know, for a role like that, I would do it all over again.”

It was a unique opportunity for Alaska, and entirely different from her previous appearances on screen, especially in last year’s “Scared Famous” on which she appeared alongside other reality stars as they worked through challenges to raise money for charity all while living in a haunted mansion in Savannah, Georgia.

“’Scared Famous’ was like a totally different kind of being out of my element,” Thunderfuck explained. “I think, through that, I realized how much I like a script, especially a good script like this one. I’m that kind of actor.”

The performer is also looking forward the chance of seeing the film with a full audience, though she’s not sure when the opportunity will arise.

“I’ve been on the road when the screenings have happened,” she said, “but I would love to be there because it’s really scary and I want to hear everyone scream when I make my entrance!”

All joking aside, the actor was quick to point out the importance of films like The Quiet Room, and for giving young LGBTQ people the opportunity to see themselves on screen, even in genre entertainment.

“Ever since I was coming out,” she said, “I’ve been saying that we need gay superheroes. We need queer horror movies. It’s necessary.”

One thing is certain, audiences who see The Quiet Room will not soon forget Alaska Thunderfuck or the seriously terrifying spirit she portrays. It takes a real actor to be both scary and sensual simultaneously and she proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has what it takes.

The Quiet Room will screen at FilmOut San Diego Film Festival at 11:00 am on Saturday, June 9, 2018.

FilmOut presents the San Diego LGBT Film Festival is on Thursday, June 7, 2018, at 7 pm to Sunday, June 10, 2018, at 7 pm at the Observatory North Park.  

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