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We do declare Blair St. Clair talks to SDGLN

Blair St. Clair
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The cast of RuPaul's Drag Race is dwindling faster than the length of a glue stick in the Werk Room. Last week the girls had to "sit on a secret" and blindly guess the items that were placed on a chair using only their tush for the mini challenge; a traffic cone made for an especially intriguing execution. 

The maxi challenge was all about "merch first" as the players were put in groups of three to make up an imaginary panel for Drag Con discussing wigs, makeup and body contouring. The runway look for the night was "Hats Incredible" and the queens went all out for the challenge, creating chapeaus from an "Alice In Wonderland" inspired look from Aquaria, to a Mondrian-like church ensemble from Monet X Change. 

Blair St. Clair did her best on all three challenges, but she ultimately ended up in the bottom two alongside The Vixen and lost the lip-sync challenge. 

She took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to San Diego Gay and Lesbian News about her most revealing moment on the show and what she liked and disliked about the judge's critiques. 

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: How does it feel to be a part of the historic Drag Race season 10?

Blair St. Clair: That itself is mind-boggling because there are thousands of people in our profession who do it every day. I have a duty to speak my message and use my voice for good, especially now that it reaches so many people. It is such a pleasure to be a part of the season.

You have an interesting drag name. Where did you come up with it? 

I actually got my name from my mother. I told her that I liked the name Blair, and there’s a street in Indianapolis called St Clair St., and she came up with the idea to put the two together and make Blair St. Clair

Who were you most surprised to see coming into the Werk Room this year?

I was most surprised to see Mayhem because I know that she had been rumored to be on the show for so many season and years. She’s such a talented and fierce queen, so when I saw her I was nervous, excited, gagged and scared. She’s also a great person.

You revealed a very personal part of your personal journey on the show. Do you regret doing that now? Did the assailants ever get reported?

For such a long time I was debating whether I wanted that to come out on television. A few people in my personal life told me that if my story can reach one person and change their life then it’s worth it. I can use Drag Race to do good things and I’m happy that those stories stayed the way that they did.

What difficulty did you have with the Maxi challenge?

I’m always trying to please others and be nice and not trample over others. I had a hard time speaking up and being heard, and I think that the difficulty I had was finding the balance of speaking out and supporting my group as a whole so that we could do well.

Do you have a boyfriend?

I do, and he’s amazing. I love him so much and I’m so grateful to have him in my life.

What criticism from the judges do you not agree with? What do you agree with?

I don’t agree with Ross saying I’m not fully baked on the judging panel. I had to be fully baked to make it onto RuPaul’s Drag Race. I was one out of the thousands of applicants to make it onto RuPaul’s TV show, and I’m going to continue to prove my worth to do what I do every day to make me an unstoppable entertainer.

How did it feel to meet the celebrity judges?

It was really exciting to meet the celeb judges. I’ve never been too starstruck by celebrities, but I’ve always wanted to meet RuPaul so I was the most starstruck by him.

Of all the queens this year, who makes you gag the most?

Miz Cracker without a doubt.

If you had made it to Snatch Game, which celebrity would you have done?

I would have played Lea Michele as Rachel Berry. I was planning on looking exactly like her, talking like her. I know every mannerism that she has, so I’m hoping that it’ll come up one day down the line.

What are you working on now? 

I actually just released my first song “Now or Never” which I’m so proud of, and I’m absolutely working on more music. The other music I’m working on will have a purpose as well similar to this song.

You are an inspiration and your story will bring awareness to the community. When can we see you in San Diego next?

Hopefully, a tour that will bring me to a city near you soon! If you want me there, then I’ll be there as soon as possible.