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Mama Ru served up trivia realness on 'Jeopardy'

RuPaul gave clues to "Jeopardy" contestants this week.
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RuPaul was in Jeopardy last night - not in danger - rather on the game show starring Alex Trebek.

The iconic drag queen was a part of the “RuView Movies” segment in which contestants had to form their answers in the form of a question to popular LGBT films of the past few decades.

Mama Ru appeared as a special guest via video to serve up trivia realness to the panel who knew every answer.

As a bonus, Ru suggested viewers check out the film Paris is Burning in answer to the question, “Which film best embodies the spirit of drag?”

Host Alex Trebek also made a Ruvelation that he will appear on this season of Drag Race, but that’s all the detail he would give.