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Critics accuse this Clearasil ad of having an "anti-gay message"

Photo credit:
Clearasil - YouTube

Imagine if you were headed to the prom and you got a pimple, not just any pimple a stereotypically gay pimple.

That’s apparently what some critics are claiming happens in the newest Clearasil ad which depicts a prancing, effeminate man in a pink tuxedo as a developing problem who may ruin a teenager’s chance of going to her prom.

The anthropomorphic blemish could just be a spirited and jovial character since in reality, pimples are genderless, but one would have to question why the company would portray it in that way then use the tagline, “Pimples Make Terrible Prom Dates.”

The TV spot grabbed the attention of Savage Garden's Darren Hayes who wrote on Twitter:

“Imagine the marketing department brainstorming this Clearasil commercial. Let’s make the pimple an extremely, gay guy in a pink suit, and then we’ll kill it so the girls can go to the prom!'”

Social media also weighed in on the ad. One Facebook user questioned how the company would have approached the situation had it been another skin issue. 

"I wonder if people would object if they cast an African American man dressed in a black suit to play the role of a blackhead?"