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Pansexual artist Yaysh makes all-nude video for latest song

Exchanging her usually explicit lyrics for explicit nudity, openly pansexual singer Yaysh is not shy about her body or anyone else’s in the new video for her recent song “Get 2 Kno Me.”

The purpose of not only the song but the video is to broaden one’s perspective when it comes to love, sex, and the human form.

“I want to encourage people to be honest, vulnerable and willing to take that fearless leap into life’s unknown,” she says. “Leap. Enjoy. Relax. Love. You might be surprised at what happens.”

The singer exemplifies that sentiment herself in the extremely NSFW video, appearing nude alongside a cast of extras both male and female who express their sexualities and bodies with unabashed pride.

“We are all so afraid of being judged and letting people see our flaws. It prevents us from feeling good about ourselves and allowing others to love us for who we are.” Yaysh says while explaining that the video also gave her strength in conquering self-criticism of her own naked body. “Sometimes we have to jump into our phobias so that our thinking doesn’t get the best of us.”

The reggae-infused track “Get 2 Kno Me” is now available on streaming platforms. The censored music video is below and the uncensored version can be seen on YouTube.

Being pansexual and androgynous looking, Yaysh knows that people often classify her as something she’s not.

“People often want to label me a lesbian but I prefer pansexual because I occasionally find sexual chemistry with men, usually black men,” she adds.

Yaysh may personify the “make love not war” sentiment of the 60’s and 70’s. She says people have perfected war, but not intimacy, “If people’s sex lives were better, they would feel loved and be more willing to release love to others.” 

She wants her fans and friends to challenge themselves to be more open-minded and not limit themselves to preconceived notions, “I hope my music stimulates hard conversations around our own personal biases.” 

Originally from Denver, the singer admits she was rebellious in her youth. She maneuvered around criminals and illegal activities but used those experiences to explore humanity, especially the ones often associated with being impoverished.

“I learned so much on all the people I was around,” she reflects. “I was taught how to roll blunts, drink forties, freestyle, be tough, kick it, and simply enjoy being with friends, all in the midst of incredible poverty.” 

As she matured Yaysh could no longer ignore the impact of that life or find the solace she needed. She bravely ventured out on her own where over time and through depression she found her way to Shambhala Buddhism.

It was here she found two things that gave her life purpose, “I found freedom through music and meditation,” she says. 

Like so many others before her, Yaysh’s dreams brought her to Los Angeles where she met common ground with producer Troy "R8dio" Johnson.

The rest is history. The singer works on many levels in the industry, whether it's writing her own music and lyrics or making videos.

“I am completely, thoroughly and fully myself in my music,” she says. “I don’t think about it. I just make it. Sometimes I’m feeling soft and sweet, deep, and romantic and sometimes I want a club banger. Sometimes I’m pissed off and sometimes I want to be sexual and spicy. I do have quite a mouth on me and lyrically and topically, I would say I am pretty raw, blunt and outspoken.” 

"I'm weird,” she laughs. “I'm a spiritual person who maybe doesn't immediately appear that way. I’m a circle that refuses to fit in a square box. I'm a deep bish and every one of my songs has meaning and intention. Get to know me. I think you might get woke to the bigger reality that no one truly is how they appear.” 

Yaysh’s new single, “Get 2 Kno Me,” is available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms. The music videos are available on Vimeo and Youtube. 

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