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Dad's requested pic of son's "boy toy" goes viral

Text exchange between father and son goes viral.
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Golden Boy - Twitter

A dad wanted to brag about his son’s relationship and asked to see his “boy toy” in this heartwarming story that has recently gone viral.

Louis is a teenager who has become the internet social media celeb of the day thanks to a text exchange he had with his dad.

“Send me the pic of u and ur boy toy,” his dad requested via text to which Luis promptly sent a few cute couple selfies with his boyfriend Christian. 

He screenshot the convo and posted it on Twitter

Louis captioned the post saying his dad wanted to see the photos so he could show them off at work.

The tweet has been liked over 54K times.

The response was so positive Louis talked to Buzzfeed about the interaction.

“I just love that my dad was showing off me and Christian,” Louis said. “Everyone was telling how much they love my dad — that he was the father of the year.”

He noted one follower responded, “Oh, I’m straight and my dad doesn’t even do this with me.”

“It’s not even us being gay,” Louis said. “It’s just my dad accepting who I’m in love with.”

Louis Sr. was ecstatic at the positive attention and says he has always supported his son, “Always. Ever since day one,” he said. “Ever since he came out to us.”

In a follow-up tweet, Louis conveyed his feelings about his family and what they mean to him. 

"Imma take this time to appreciate the parents i have. I’m beyond blessed to have been born into this life. To have parents who love my brother and I for us. Wouldn’t give it up for the world."