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Drama Queen Joan Collins to join 'American Horror Story 8'

Joan Collins will star in American Horror Story Season 8.

The Queen of Drama, Joan Collins, is getting ready to make a return to television, or at least that’s what Ryan Murphy is hoping for his eighth season of American Horror Story.

In an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy discussed this new season and says he’s “throwing in Joan Collins" and is "interested" in Anjelica Huston.

Season 8, reportedly titled Radioactive won’t stray far from its casting formula with Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters taking the leads.

 And for everyone wondering when that second season of Feud about Charles and Diana will take place, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. In fact the director isn’t sure if that’s the fight he wants to focus on.

"I'm still working on it," he says. "And I don't want to do anything unless I'm 100 percent sure."

But he is sure about one thing, not immortalizing the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal. This was something it was rumored he was doing for his American Crime Story franchise. 

He said he talked to Monica about his discomfort in doing it. 

“I told her, ’Nobody should tell your story but you, and it’s kind of gross if they do,'” he recalled. “’If you want to produce it with me, I would love that; but you should be the producer and you should make all the goddamn money.'”