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Daniela Vega becomes first trans Oscar presenter

Daniela Vega is the first trans Oscar presenter in its 90 years.
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"A Fantastic Woman"

The Oscars celebrated its 90th birthday on Sunday night and there were a lot of firsts, including Daniela Vega who made history as the event's first trans presenter.

The Chilean actress who starred in the nominated “A Fantastic Woman” took to the Swarovski crystal-encrusted stage to introduce Sufjan Stevens and St. Vincent, who performed the Oscar-nominated song Mystery of Love from Best Picture nominee “Call Me By Your Name.”

The 28-year-old actress is also a classically trained opera singer who transitioned at 17.

She stars in “A Fantastic Woman,” which took home the coveted trophy for Best Foreign Language Film.

In a Los Angeles Times interview, Vega said trans people are facing the same judgments as they do in the U.S., “The political and social situation isn't that much different in Chile than it is (in the U.S.), in that there is a weird feeling when it comes to transgender people in general.”

“But we have a lot to contribute in the sciences, arts and every single discipline. We’re fighting for liberty, to be heard. I see the world is trying to change fast, but in some areas, that change is being blocked.”

This year's Oscars are being hailed as one of the most diverse in history with many cultures and communities being represented and recognized.