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83-year-old man becomes erotic film star

Norm is 83 years old and just became a porn star.
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wickydkewl - YouTube

Davey Wavey has made an erotic star out of an 83-year-old man named Norm.

Whether you like Wavey or not, he has never shied away from discussing topics that challenge the way people feel about sex.

Pivoting slightly away from YouTube to delve deeper into the forums of sexuality, Wavey created the more non-restrictive sexually explicit site Himeros.com.

This week in a scenario titled Blessing of the Elder, the site features Norm pleasuring himself at the sight of young stars Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills.

Wavey acknowledges that people may not be accustomed to seeing the elderly in adult films, and makes a comparison to the mainstream by using a living Golden Girls legend. 

Davey writes. “It’s why people laugh at Betty White’s comedy. If she were 20 or 30, her sex jokes wouldn’t work in the same way; the humor is only funny coming from the mouth of a 96-year-old," he goes on to explain how people assume older men and women aren't sexually active, "The implication is that seniors don’t think about sex, aren’t sexy and surely aren’t having sex. Of course, none of that is true.”

But Norm is far from celibate, in fact, he calls himself a "sacred intimate," they are teachers who, "explore connection and pleasure in the body."

Norm says he wasn't always so free, he often wrestled with religious guilt after self-pleasure as a kid, “I thought: ‘How will I ever get over this?’ and I prayed, saying: ‘I won’t ever do that again.'”

But those promises were short-lived, “if you do something thinking ‘I can pray and get it over with’ after something’s done – well, it doesn’t count," Norm adds. 

In a companion interview, Norm explains that the older a person gets, the more they should trust themselves and not what others think of them. 

"Life is a balance of listening reverently to people who have age and experience, but use your own age and experience to test, does that ring true in my heart," says Norm. "So, if you’re getting old enough to ask questions then you’re old enough to begin to trust yourself to be able to hear the answers when they come and to know whether the answers are truth or somebody’s well-meaning but misplaced propaganda."

Wavey explains that seniors like everyone else think about sex.

“In fact, some of the horniest people I know are elders. And I can promise you that they are having sex. In some instances, wonderful, mind-blowing sex from which the rest of us could learn. And even though our culture places an emphasis on smooth skin and youth, our elders are valuable human beings with tremendous gifts including wisdom, experience and yes, beauty.”

You can watch the NSFW interview with Norm below: