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'Ray of Light' turns 20

Madonna's "Ray of Light" Album turns 20.
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Remember when you had to buy a CD, download the songs to your computer then upload them to your iPod? Or if you couldn’t afford Apple’s hefty price tag you could buy a cassette-looking device which would connect to your $20 anti-skip, mega-bass CD player and car stereo.

That was back in 1998 and the biggest American album of the year was not Madonna’s Ray of Light, but the soundtrack to Titanic. Feel old yet?

But of the two, Ray of Light was the most innovative. Plus, that’s the year we got to meet Yoga-loving, EDM, MLF Madonna, and we loved it.

Perhaps the biggest song released from Ray of Light was Frozen, a smooth electro-infused ballad with a techno string section and hypnotic beat that still has the power to mesmerize. 

Its music video companion was just as hypnotic. In it, we see Madge alone in the desert as she eerily flies in the air, meets a creepy Doberman and transforms into a murder of crows.

The title track, Ray of Light also had significance in that its pulse matched the high-octane speediness of the nightclub scene.

Keeping with that rush, the video for Ray of Light set Madonna amid a single day captured through time-lapse photography which ends with her on the dancefloor singing, “quicker than a ray of light, I’m flying.”

The album was the seventh of Madonna’s studio career, and the 20 year anniversary of its Japanese release is being celebrated on social media.

Officially it wouldn’t be dropped in the U.S. until March 3, 1998.

So go through your closet and get out your glow sticks, construction boots, white t-shirts and iPod docks and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Madonna's Ray of Light, then grab your double-VHS copy of Titanic and call it an evening.