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Online trans sitcom 'Fish Tank' might be a groundbreaker

It’s about time the world got a comedy featuring trans women and their dating lives. That is exactly what the new online mini-series Fish Tank is about and from the looks of it, it’s a groundbreaker.

Fish Tank stars Isis King and Arisce Wanzer. They play two close girlfriends who are living the LA life but are having trouble finding love and work in the fickle world that is Tinseltown.

Online megastar TS Madison also makes a guest appearance on the show as the saucy and horny Trina. We reached out to Madison who says it was a blast making cameos in the show.

“I was so happy to be a part of the season one of Fish Tank,” she tells us. “It follows the lives of trans people living in a straight world! And the character I play is the messy neighbor Trina who loves the trans girls for their 'makeup skills' but they don’t want them nowhere near their men!”

Madison has been busy lately. She hosts the after show for Fox's drama series "Star" and is currently re-formatting her popular online program "The Queens Court," which she says will premiere on March 19, 2018, after she returns from Australia. 

As for Fish Tank, there is no word on when it will make its premiere, but you can follow it on Facebook for more details. 

Fish Tank also stars Laith Ashley and Robert Sepúlveda,