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South African Valentine's Day video shows love between two male students

Two South African teens share their love on Valentine's Day.
Photo credit:
bujybikwa.com - Twitter

This South African video is going to make you smile. Queer radio host Bujy Bikwa shared it on St. Valentine’s Day and it has subsequently gone viral.

The location of the video or the South African school in which it was filmed has not been revealed, but that doesn’t matter because the heartwarming nature of it says it all.

In the clip we see a young male student holding roses with a sign that reads "I Love You" anxiously awaiting his Valentine to be let out of class.

Once he does emerge he gets excited at the sight of the gifts and even goes so far as to give him a kiss much to the joy of the other students around them. 

In the tweet Bujy Bikwa captioned the video saying, "What a time to be alive. Love always wins."

You can watch the video HERE.