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Tantrums and Tiaras All Stars 2018 contestant profile: Madison Kailukaitis

(Editor's note: "Tantrums and Tiaras: Battle of the Bar Queens All-Stars 2018" will take place on Sunday, Feb. 18 at Observatory North Park. The show is an over-the-top drag competition featuring representatives from some of the community’s bars. This year's pageant will be an All-Stars edition with 5 previous contestants, who once had little or no drag experience, will come back to compete for the crown. The event benefits the programs of The San Diego LGBT Community Center. Leading up to the event, we will profile the five contestants, but you'll have to buy tickets and go the show to find out their drag name and see them in full make-up! More information and tickets can be purchased HERE.)

Contestant Name: Madison Kailukaitis

Age: 29

Bar Representing: Rich's

Check out Madison's original Tantrums & Tiaras interview from when he competed in 2017, representing Rich's.

What did it feel like being on the T&T stage last time?

Last year on stage was one of the most terrifying moments of my life. I had never been on such a large stage in front of so many people, it was very scary... but the second you make the crowd laugh or cheer for you it makes it all worth it.

Have you been in drag since being on the T&T stage?

I have not been in drag since last years Tantrums, I have been in drag many many many MANY times before Tantrums though. Let's just say, I've been saving my year of drag for one special night only ;)

What have you learned about drag since being part of T&T?

What ive learned from doing drag is to have fun, I feel if your not having fun, it's not really drag. And this year I'm learning even more about drag, like tucking and padding, which I didn't have to deal with last year because I was a grandma in a moomoo.

Why are YOU going to win Tantrums & Tiaras ALL STARS?

I'm going to win this year because my waist will be synched for days! Just kidding, I'm going to win whether or not I have the crown or title in the end. I'm just lucky to be apart of such an amazing event and fundraiser AGAIN!

Any closing thoughts?

If I happen to fall this year, someone better get it on video!


Tantrums & Tiaras 2018: All-Stars is on Sunday, February 18 at the Observatory North Park starting at 6 pm. This is a 21 and over event. 

The Observatory North Park is located at 2891 University Ave, San Diego, California 92104.

Purchase tickets to Tantrums & Tiaras HERE