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Annual German satirical celebration shows Trump being violated by a Russian bear

Rose Monday is a German carnival which celebrates the satire in politcs
Photo credit:
Dokumentation Kanal - YouTube

Every year Germany celebrates Rosenmontag, or Rose Monday, a carnival which mocks global politics using colorful satirical floats. These giant displays feature unflattering depictions of many world leaders, and Donald Trump seemed to highlight this year’s event.

In one rather graphic entry, A giant bear is seen mounting the American president from behind with the words “Russian Scandal” printed on the side.

Also featured in the parade in Mainz, both North Korean Kim Jong-un and Trump are front and center using a measuring tape to size up the length of their manhood. In another, "Number 45" can be seen aiming his golf swing toward the Paris climate agreement.

This isn’t the first time the annual event has featured President Trump as the butt of satire. Last year a float featured him violating an angry Statue of Liberty from behind. 

Other political shade was thrown at Theresa May with her giving birth to a "Brexit" monster baby. 

Even the same-sex wedding cake debate was addressed in another grand display.  

You can see highlights from this year's event in the NSFW video below: