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Homophobic meme goes viral in social media page dedicated to The Minions

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We aren’t sure why this meme (pictured left) was posted on a social media club dedicated to the Universal Pictures animated stars of Despicable Me, the Minions, but it’s there.

The public group called “Minions Fans,” on Facebook has over 6 million followers. They updated their status yesterday with this picture that has now been seen more than 6,000 times, and as incendiary posts like this often do, it has generated responses that both support the message or despise it.

The split-level photo shows two boys playing with guns in the top panel with the caption, “What boys did in My Day,” while the lower panel shows what they presume to be boys in fake lashes, and heavy makeup with the line, “What boys are doing today.”  

Of course, responses were divided, some agreeing that young men should be simulating war in their spare time rather than putting on makeup. The generalized implication being today's boys are less masculine than whatever contrasting era they are referring to.

“My boy would have gotten his ass beat if I caught him with makeup on! Adults - it's your job to raise kids not let kids raise themselves!” posted someone in the group.

And another, “Oh my God I fought tooth-and-nail to make sure that that didn't happen to my son I feel really bad for people who have to go through that God bless you.”

And yet another, “Ain't it the damn truth. Back in my day boys were taught to be boys and later grow up to be men. What a shame on where our society is today with all this crap of boys wanting to be girls and girls wanting to be boys. I blame the parents on this crap for not teaching their children what is normal. Boys don't wear make up or play with dolls. Boys play with trucks and cars , play football , play baseball fish and hunt and do the stuff boys are supposed to do. I don't care what some of you say back in the 80s this was not tolerated. Thanks to all the libtards for promoting this crap it is not normal.”

But some users weren’t going to let that be the last word. They defended the bottom portion of the post and responded to the haters.

“What's so wrong with boys expressing themselves finding what they really want to do with their lifes if that was my son i would let him do it if that's what he wants to do I'm gonna let him u can't keep them from wanting to express their true selves it's wrong be happy for them don't tear them down because they wanted to wear makeup and feel fabulous y'all discriminating," said one.

 Here is another we have edited for clarity, “I don't care if my son's playing solder or doing makeup as long as he's happy and healthy I am happy .... and God has nothing to do with it with u feel like ur in the wrong body or just like makeup and dresses ur cwl u know who u are and feel strong and good about who u are.. like RuPaul says if u dont love ur self how u going to love someone else.”

Another posted: "Aren't minions Asexual? Don't some of them dress as women despite their names being masculine? So you're a fan of minions and them being who they wish to be, promoting it as a lifestyle but not kids being who they Are? Yea that makes total sense. "

To which someone responded, "no they are a cartoon figure WTF...... step back into reality "

To be clear the Minions Fan page isn't officially licensed by Universal Pictures or Illumination Entertainment, and periodically intersperses some provocative (Bat Sh*t Crazy Women) posts that have nothing to do with the asexual yellow characters.