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Coke's new Super Bowl ad isn't afraid of modern diversity

New Coke ad quenches society's sexual diversity.
Photo credit:
Coca-Cola - YouTube

Cue the outrage from some conservative groups who will undoubtedly call for a boycott of Coca-Cola products after they watch this great new Super Bowl ad.

On Sunday millions of football fans will get a glimpse of a lesbian couple and a non-binary person in this new spot.

The rainbow tinted commercial also features an interracial couple and a woman in a hijab.

“There’s a Coke for he and she and her and me and them.” says the voiceover.

The word “them” is said over an image of a person sporting a rainbow-colored jacket.

That same voiceover says “We also have different looks,” before it pans across two women in a car, “and loves.”

The 131-year-old company has always tried to tap into the current pulse of society by creating ads that depict many cultures and beliefs.

One of the most popular was its “Buy the World a Coke,” campaign in 1971 that featured teenagers representing many cultures holding hands, singing the titular jingle atop a hillside.

This latest ad seems to reflect that same attitude but this time includes the spectrum of sexuality.

Critics may call this advertisement too ambiguous, but they may also say it's one of the company's most daring.