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DJ Dirty Kurty takes over residency at 'Overdrive'

DJ Dirty Kurty takes over residency at Overdrive.
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Used by permission: DJ Dirty Kurty- Aaron Wilcox Photography

Don’t let Overdrive CEO, creator, owner and producer Kaleb Nicola hear you call it a “circuit” party, that won’t do. It’s much more than that and with DJ Dirty Kurty coming on board as the new resident DJ, it’s about to become even more special.

“I like to think of it as one big house party but in a 10,000-square foot nightclub with epic sound, lighting and lasers,” said Kaleb. “Overdrive is a place where people from all factions of our community come together to just let loose, dance and leave their problems on the dance floor through amazing music and clean, ‘come as you are’ vibes.”

This past November Overdrive celebrated four years of Saturday shindigs and along for that special event was DJ Dirty Kurty who will now become a mainstay at the deck as the new resident DJ starting on Saturday, January 20.

Kaleb is beaming regarding the news. He says Kurty has proven to be a powerful artist who is, “driven, magnetic, uniquely able to bring a diverse, uplifting crowd, and deliver consistently professional, current, high-energy and trend-setting sets, just as our former resident did.”

He adds, “Kurty will continue to push gay nightlife forward with an open mind on source, realm, genre and genesis of the dirty beats she delivers.”

His breathless assessment of the DJ is felt by most in the San Diego’s Hillcrest nightlife scene. Our own social columnist Jinx Mirage says Kurty is a “crowd pleaser” and her sets are “always amazing.”

Getting the job at Overdrive involved a one-on-one interview according to Kurty. She says Kaleb wanted to see if her vision for the show was in sync with his, obviously, he thought it was. 

Says Kurty, “San Diego is now becoming a bigger city and I want to create a place where people can come and hear something they have never heard before.  I never want to hear someone say, ‘oh, Kurty played that same set last week.’”

Overdrive happens on the third Saturday of each month, begins at 10 pm and goes until 5 am with three different DJs who serve up three different kinds of music.

“Each DJ brings their own unique style to the event and we take people on a journey through all those styles," Kurty says. "Overdrive brings community and diversity through its music and the people who come and dance.”

Happily sharing the stage with other artists is just another way Kurty expresses her appreciation for those who love music and those who love to play it. 

In other ways, she says that her global adventures have inspired her to dig deeper into the design of her craft, continuously building upon the foundation of her artistic core. 

“I have traveled a lot in the past few years and was in Ibiza, Spain last year, where the music is so diverse you can hear any style of music any night of the week,” she says all of that variety has inspired her to think outside the box. “My goal is to be that DJ that is always bringing something new and amazing to the event, along with the passion and love I have for the music and for the people that come hear me DJ.  I love the people the Overdrive brings out and I am excited with making those connections!”

You can make those connections with DJ dirty Kurty and the crew at Overdrive on Saturday, January 20 at Spin Nightclub from 10 pm to 5 am. 

DJ Dirty Kurty performs at Overdrive every other month. 

Spin is located at 2028 Hancock Street, San Diego, 92110.