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Google reveals the most searched global terms of 2017 in touching vid

People wanted to learn "how" to do things more than ever.
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Google has 3.5 billion searches every day and they have released their most searched terms of 2017 and its no surprise: politics, weather, and philanthropy are what people wanted to know most about.

The search giant is calling 2017 the year of “how” with people taking to the keyboard to look for things such as “how to run for office,” “how to make a protest sign,” “how to be a good parent,” and “how to be a firefighter."

According to Google, the above inquiries were searched out more than ever before.

Other things that were typed into browser bars were "How to make a difference," "how to be a strong woman," and "How to calm a dog during a storm." 

Internet users also searched up Matt Lauer, not Trump the most, they wanted to know about "Stranger Things" on television and made "Cash me Outside," the most viewed meme. 

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