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Sasha Velour illustrated the 'Google Doodle' today

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Ru Paul’s Drag Race season 9 winner Sasha Velour and Marlene Dietrich are helping you search the internet today.  

The Google Doodle on the website is a popular internet space wherein they allow artists to create themes that reflect a special day or event.

Today happens to be Hollywood legend Marlene Dietrich’s 116th birthday and Sasha Velour drew her in a commemorative Doodle to celebrate.

Velour wrote in a Twitter post:

“I was so honored to create the artwork for today’s Google Doodle to honor Marlene Dietrich’s 116th Birthday. She’s a true icon.”

In an interview with the popular search engine, Velour explains why the Hollywood legend is still so inspiring.

“She was a wild original!” Sasha said. “Despite the pressures of the time, she followed her own course, especially in terms of politics and gender."

She adds, “As a drag queen, that’s particularly inspiring to me. Plus, she just had this power to her…in every role she’s mysterious and strong, brilliant. That’s what I aspire to be when I step on the stage.”

Velour so loves the silver screen legend that she impersonated her in the popular "Snatch Game" event on Drag Race to rave reviews.