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Boy love revealed in Thai lip balm ad

Secrets revealed in this ad paying homage to the "boy love" Asian serials.
Photo credit:
KA Lip Care

The drama of this Thai television commercial mimics the popular shows and manga graphic novels of the region.  

According to LGBTQ Nation, the ad for this scented lip balm plays homage to the “boy love” melodramas produced in Asian countries.

These serials, popular among young girls, portray schoolboys who eventually fall in love with each other and in some cases take that affection to a more graphic sexual level.

However, in this ad, the two boys keep it purely PG. One boy confronts an apparent cad who has jilted his sister. Turns out the arrogant boy wasn't interested in the sister in the first place. 

In an added twist, at the end of the ad, all the schoolgirls are at the edge of their seats watching the whole scenario play out before them, 

You can see what happens in the video below.