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Animatronic Trump now at Disney's Hall of Presidents

President number 45 gets animated at Disney in Orlando.
Photo credit:
Matt Binder

Disney’s title “Happiest Place on Earth” may not carry over into social media this week as it was revealed that Donald Trump is the newest animatronic member of the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World.

The attraction chronicles the history of the U.S. presidency and ends with the introduction of each one through history. 

Here is an official description from WDW News Today:

“Officially opening on December 19, 2017, the Hall of Presidents is an all new show, complete with a new film, narration, and the audio-animatronic Donald Trump. The 22 minute show follows the same format as before, with a historic film detailing the history of the United States presidency, followed by a reveal of all presidents on stage.”

Although critics of President Trump are quick to become comedians with his new role at Disney, others are more critical of his overall look.

"The new Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World - Is it Donald Trump or Jon Voight?" Visiting the Magic tweeted. 

Andre Segers wrote, "Nice to see Alien Encounter's returned to Disney World, and it's scarier than ever!"

Some were harsher than others, like this tweet from Palmer Report:

“Should we spend money and make the Donald Trump robot in the Hall of Presidents look realistic?”

“Nah. Do it on the cheap. He won’t be in office much longer anyway.”

“What are we gonna do with the Trump robot after that?”

“Stick it in EPCOT’s Russia pavilion.”

Matt Binder made a personal observation, "all the other presidents in Disney's new Hall of Presidents look like they can't believe Donald Trump is president either."

You can watch the full 22-minute presentation below.