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Amanda Lepore releases sexy and bubbly song "Buckle Up"

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Fans of Amanda Lepore who are eagerly awaiting a follow-up to her popular album “I…Amanda Lepore,” can expect a collection of new music in early 2018.

For those who cannot wait, the provocative star has just released “Buckle Up,” a new single from that EP dropping in February. 

Lepore explains the inspiration for this new single, “My goal with ‘Buckle Up’ is to whip naughty boys and girls around and leave ‘em asking the questions they don’t want their mothers knowing the answers to.”

She describes the song as sexy and bubbly, “and takes on the night like me, and just as I am easy on the eyes, ‘Buckle Up’ is easy on the ears.”

“Buckle Up” was written and produced by RedTop (“Convertible”), Knifekick, Ted Ottaviano (Book Of Love), DJ Angelo “Pepe,” Megan Vice and Lepore’s long-time musical collaborator, Bill Coleman from Peace Bisquit.

Songwriter Megan Vice says there was definitely a sexually charged inspiration for the new tune, "Amanda is a woman who unapologetically owns her sexuality and is never afraid to flaunt what she’s got. I had that in mind when I first began putting pen to paper. I wanted the listener to get a sense for how that tough broad managed to carve out her own path to greatness despite all of life’s roadblocks. These days, it’s Amanda’s way or the highway, as it should be because she’s earned it.” 

Co-writer Knifekick adds, "We concentrated on figuring out the perfect equation that paired a sweet hook with a bouncy groove, to really showcase Amanda‘s devilish side."

The one thing the writers wanted to convey in the song is Amanda's love of classic Hollywood, the essence of burlesque and just the right amount of camp that would complement the classics Amanda performs in her nightclub shows. 

“We think we nailed it in ‘Buckle Up,’” said Coleman.  “We’re excited for fans to hear the next evolution of music from the hardest working gal in nightlife.”

Amanda is also pleased with the outcome and knows her fans will be too. 

"I cannot wait to share my new songs and perform them live!” she says. 

"Buckle Up" is available now on musical streaming services and apps.