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Cute Lego-inspired video of birth announcement from two dads

Two dads create a Lego fairy tale to announce their having twins.
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YouTube - Spencer Parker & Sean Gannon

Last year Spencer Parker and Sean Gannon were married and made an entertaining video of their first dance.

This year, the couple is celebrating yet again, but this time they are using Legos to make the announcement.

This news is that they are expecting, but instead of just posting it on social media, they created a fairy tale out of Legos.

The story follows two princes who are happily married, but feel they are missing something in their lives.  

They embark on a quest to find a wizard and some magic beans. But upon finding him, the wizard says they should seek a woman who has the power to tell them more.

It’s only a matter of time before they encounter a dragon and a brave knight who protects them from harm. It turns out this knight is the woman they are looking for and she reveals through the magic beans what is missing from their lives: twins.

The babies are due to arrive in June 2018.

You can watch the full video below.