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Gay, Latino 'Avenger' to get story arc in 2018

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Great Lakes Avengers Issue #2 (Marvel)

Marvel Comics announced they will be giving new life to an Avengers team member who also happens to be gay and Latino.

His birth name is Miguel Santos, but his alter ego is Living Lightning. His arc will appear in the “No Surrender” series which will hit newsstands in 2018.

Fans were introduced to Living Lightning in 1990. He got his powers after visiting the remains of The Legion’s headquarters and triggering a damaged lightning machine.

The superhero had previously been involved with women but came out as gay to Great Lakes Avenger Flatman after confusing the acronym GLA with Gay/Lesbian Alliance.

“He’s gay. Get over it,” GLA writer Dan Slott said. “Previous girlfriends? Beards. Or relationships that just didn’t work – because Miguel hadn’t come to terms yet with who he really is.”

He adds, “Miguel is a gay superhero and a wonderful role model.”

Living Lightning was a part of the West Coast Avengers for a while, his teammates included Iron Man and Spider Woman.

Editor Tom Brevoort’s decision to bring Living Lightening into this new storyline was to connect with a certain fanbase.

 “We looked for an entry level character, a person who makes sense coming into the world of the Avengers and to some degree being the viewpoint of the reader,” editor Tom Brevoort told Comic Book Resources.

“Now, he’s suddenly been thrown into the deep end as one of the key players in trying to keep the world safe and deal with these massive crises that the Avengers deal with.”

“He gets to see that from a ground level and very human perspective. He’ll experience this big thing with epic stakes.”

Fans were a little taken aback when Living Lightning first came out given his history of dating the opposite sex. Some speculate that his heavy Catholic background was the reason he kept his sexuality secret for so long.

Avengers #675 will launch on January 10.