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Two-dad gaytivity scene has social media, comedienne beaming

Social media has fallen in love with this same-sex manger scene.
Photo credit:
Cameron Esposito - Twitter

It seems every year around this time someone shows their LGBT pride through art and this time it comes in the form of a hirsute nativity scene.

Cameron Esposito found humor in her neighbor’s yard which features a baby Jesus snug in his bed of straw surrounded by his two dads.

Yes, the scene features to Josephs both draped in pink sashes over white tunics with a lamb looking on as the dads kneel in prayer.

Esposito tweeted the picture into the ether and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive. 

"Jesus, Marty & Joseph! I [heart] this!" @rubenquesada

"man the birth of jesus was DEFINITELY a miracle now" @MagsVisaggs

"Well I mean biblically speaking little Jesus did have two dads. These guys just want to be as accurate as possible." @RobisonAnalise

But  some are not so tickled pink by the decoration:

"God will not be mocked. These guys can live the life they choose, but to ridicule the faith of so many people is beyond disgusting." @lee_lee59

"I'm a strong defenders of the lgbtq community but I can't see how this is anything but mockery of Christians." @AlbeertaStan

Maybe the favorite response to the picture comes from a Twitter user who explains how the sale may have gone down at the store:

"Salesperson: Sirs, it comes with the whole set, I can't sell you two Josephs. Later: Gays high-fiving lesbian neighbors as there are now two same-sex nativity sets on their block." @shamemystalker

Twitter user Mrs Lady made sure the ladies were represented and posted their own diorama (second at left), "Here's my gaytivity scene with 2 Marys." @Rogue_MrsLady

Last year the big LGBT Christmas controversy came in the form of artist Mark Thaler who made same-sex Joseph tree ornaments. This enraged a UK-based Christian group who said they were a "blasphemous attempt to rewrite the Christmas story.”

But as one Twitter user Sarah (@Mega_Mew) pointed out this year in regards to the two-Joseph nativity scene: "They’re still keeping the Christ in Christmas so Christians have nothing to complain about here."