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Grindr now has trans and non-binary dating options

Dating app Grindr adds more customization profile options for its users.
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Facebook - Grinder

Grindr has made more profile options available to their dating app this week.

The mobile meet-up service has traditionally been for gay or bi men seeking men, but the company now makes “woman,” “trans woman,” “non-binary,” “non-conforming,” and “queer” as options of interest.

Profiles can also be made to specify the pronouns you wish to be identified as: “He/him,” “She/her,” and “They/them.”

The update comes during Transgender Awareness Week, the company tweeted this will help “trans and non-gender conforming connect better!”

Grindr got the message out through social media with the help of Emmy-nominated actress/writer and trans activist Jen Richards.

In a video, Jen and friends talk openly about what people say on dating apps and how it affects them.