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Out & About with Jinx Mirage: Party with Overdrive, The Eagle and Flicks

Jinx Mirage has everything there is to do in "Out & About."
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San Diego Gay and Lesbian News' social columnist Jinx Mirage takes you through all the fun and excitement happening around the neighborhood every week, and this one is no exception, "We have a music night for millennials, all things Eagle and an event for the more artistic side of you," he says.

He adds: "I can’t wait to tell you about all the different events coming this week. So relax make a drink and put on your reading glasses. Because this weekend in Hillcrest isn't a dull one."

The Not-So-Distant Musical Past

On Thursday, The music from the early aughts takes over Flicks with 007 Party at Flicks. Jinx says he's most excited about this event because the music is so recent, "It's about time that we get to have an early 2000 party. You know how they always have 70's, 80's and 90's parties? That's nice, but it's also great that they will play music that I'm old enough to enjoy," he laughs.

He says he is looking forward to one of the newer DJs on the Hillcrest scene, "Brynn Taylor is going to be spinning and I am excited about that. She definitely has her ear on what people want to listen to in the clubs."

Top of the Bay

There is nothing more special than watching the season change with friends amid a cityscape looking out over the ocean at some spectacular views. On Friday, SDPIX Presents Top of the Bay at the Porto Vista Hotel and it is the quintessential starter for your weekend. You'll want to get there at 6 pm for the social hour, the DJ will start at 7 pm. 

Our Divas are going Gaga

Also on Friday, there's another big installment of Divas at Rich's. "This week all the Gaga fans should get very excited because Aurora Savage is performing, and she is a huge Gaga impersonator."

Local entertainer Naomi Daniels is joining the cast this time, "who should bring a little variety to the show," says Jinx. Every person who has yet to see a drag show in Hillcrest should check out Divas for something special. It's not to be missed. 

The Eagle has Landed!

Come celebrate your sexual uniqueness at San Diego Eagle 15-Year Anniversary Celebration on Friday. Jinx says this is an event everyone can enjoy. He thinks the bus trip to Palm Springs will probably be one of the most entertaining aspects of the event.

"The day trip to Palm Springs sounds kind of sickening!" he says. "Anyone who is excited about anything that has to do with The Eagle is going to enjoy this 15-year celebration. Fifteen years isn't something small. Plus this event has a little bit of everything, I feel like it's gonna be a lot of fun for anyone who goes to The Eagle for any type of night. It's an all-inclusive weekend." 

Giving Musical Life to a LGBT Children's Book

One of our favorite local organizations is the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus. This week they are raising funds for a special cause. San Diego Gay Men's Chorus presents Art & Wine 2017 wants to see the book "A Peacock Among Pigeons" become a musical to inspire LGBT youth. Jinx says this is definitely an event for anyone who wants to feed the artist inside fo them.

"You know we gays love buying all kinds of interesting art just so we can talk about it at our next dinner party." Plus he is excited that the proceeds will go into giving musical life to a children's LGBT book., "Where was this book when I was a young gay growing up in Ft. Lauderdale?!" 

He says to make sure to head to the VIP preview of this event to get "all the good hors-d'oeuvres."

Spin Into Overdrive and Celebrate Four Years!

While The Eagle celebrates its own anniversary this week so too does another community dance event: Overdrive 4th Anniversary at Spin Nightclub. "I am super-excited for this," says Jinx."One because it is absolutely amazing that Overdrive is making it to four years; sometimes club events like that don't have a very long shelf-life. And two, I'm excited to hear my girl Dj dirty Kurty is back. And Overdrive is not Overdrive, at least for me without some Dirty Kurty. But, I cannot wait to hear DJ Hector Fonseca. He's a global DJ: how many global superstar DJs do we get popping up into our own backyard?" 

Hand and Arms Above the Rest With Pride

The popular photo art project Together Strong Photoshoot at the LGBT Community Center is back in case you missed it over the summer. "There's also going to be a Nicky Awards Voting Party," says Jinx. "So you can come by, say hello and cast your vote and donate to a good cause." A portion of the proceeds will go to the San Diego LGBT Community Center.

Jinx Talks About the SDPIX/Souleil Party Last Weekend

Last week, SDPIX and Souleil united to bring the community together for a soulful Sunday. Jinx was there, and here are his thoughts about the event:

"Souleil was super-dope! It definitely will work as an event from 1 pm to 4 pm. But the great thing about it was the entire set up. You had the DJs spinning in front of you, You had this amazing view of Little Italy and the marina behind him.

The patio furniture was set up in half-circles, almost like a theater so there was all this dance space in front of the DJ, but behind that space were rows of patio furniture where you could relax, sit enjoy a cocktail and listen to the music.

The sound system was great so you could hear all the way to the smoking section and off to the side. It was absolutely immaculate.

I enjoyed Souleil in the larger venue and all that it stands for; there was way more space to dance, way more space to groove and way more space to congregate.

The huge rooftop was mostly all dancefloor--four to five bartenders, you had tons of tables, couches.

The venue is perfect for Souleil and the lives of Souleil."

Jinx's Final Thought

Well, that’s it for me this weekend, I hope you guys have an awesome weekend.

And if you're looking for more to do, make sure to check out the events below.

I’m Jinx Mirage and ready for some Hot Coco, it’s getting cold out there.  

Other fun stuff to do this week:


7 am to 11:45 pm Thursday Special at Crest Cafe

4 pm to 8 pm Happy Hour at the San Diego Eagle

4 pm to 2 am Thursdays at San Diego Eagle

7 pm to 10 pm Dining with the Divas at Lips

8 pm to 9:30 pm An Evening With Kevin Mahogany at Martinis Above Fourth

9 pm to 2 am Flicker at Flicks

10 pm to 2 am Lez at Rich's


4 pm to 7 pm Free Pizza Fridays at Flicks

4 pm to 8 pm Happy Hour at the San Diego Eagle

4 pm to 2 am Fridays at San Diego Eagle

7:30 pm Glitz & Glam at Lips

9:30 pm to 2 am Uptown After Dark at Uptown Tavern

10 pm to 2 am Dirty Pop at Rich's

10:30 pm What's The T? at #1 Fifth Avenue


1 pm to 4 pm Hillcrest Classic Car Show at Hillcrest Pride Flag

1 pm to 2:30 pm Commemorative Tile Ceremony at Stepping Stone

7:30 pm Glitz & Glam at Lips

9 pm The Underwear Show at Flicks

9 pm to 1 am San Diego Eagle 15-Year Anniversary Celebration

9:30 pm to 2 am Uptown After Dark at Uptown Tavern

10 pm to 2 am Fuel at Rich's

11:30 pm Taboo - The Forbidden Show at Lips


11 am Sunday Dragalicious Gospel Brunch at Lips

12 pm to 1 am San Diego Eagle 15-Year Anniversary Celebration

2 pm to 8:30 pm Sunday Beer Bust at Flicks

2 pm to 2 am Sundays at The San Diego Eagle

8 pm to 2 am Stripper Circus at Rich's

9 pm Karaoke at Flicks


7 am to 11:45 pm Monday Special at Crest Cafe

4 pm to 8 pm Happy Hour at the San Diego Eagle

4 pm to 2 am Mondays at San Diego Eagle

6 pm to 9 pm 15th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance at The Center

7 pm Transgender Day of Remembrance at Oceanside Public Library

9 pm Karaoke at Flicks


7 am to 11:45 pm Tuesday Special at Crest Cafe

2 pm to 2 am Tuesday All-Day Happy Hour at Flicks

4 pm to 8 pm Happy Hour at the San Diego Eagle

4 pm to 2 am Tuesdays at San Diego Eagle

7 pm to 10 pm Turnback Tuesdays at Lips

8 pm to 9:30 pm Randy Rainbow Live at Martinis Above Fourth

9 pm Karaoke at Flicks


7 am to 11:45 pm Wednesday Special at Crest Cafe

3 pm to 6 pm Free Vaccination Clinic at The Center

4 pm to 8 pm Happy Hour at the San Diego Eagle

4 pm to 2 am Wednesdays at San Diego Eagle

7 pm Bitchy Bingo at Lips

7:30 pm Pictionary Night at #1 Fifth Ave.

8 pm to 9:30 pm Randy Rainbow Live at Martinis Above Fourth

9 pm to 2 am Welfare Wednesdays featuring DJ Will Z. at Flicks

10 pm to 2 am Mischief at Rich's

Last week’s events

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