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Funny church signage is a loaded sermon

Accidental marquee message is a mouthful of funny.
Photo credit:
Instagram/ catherine306098

There is plenty of salty humor in most of us, but this Baptist Church marquee in Edgewater, Florida may have been a little more savory than intended.

The Bella Villa Baptist Church, like many religious establishments, address the week’s sermon in witty puns that are meant to entice people to fill up their pews, but in this instance, it had people doing a spit-take.

It reads: “Forgiveness is swallowing when you want to spit.”

For one female passerby, she was so flabbergasted that she made a U-turn just to take a picture of the sign, posting it to Instagram.

 “I think someone is a little mad at their wife,” she wrote, adding #swallowforthelord.

New Now Next reports that the church responded to a local television news station saying the pun was “innocent” and “intended as encouragement to forgive.”

There are a few ways you could interpret the message, but the double-entendre definitely seems geared toward sexual innuendo.