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Cohen explains 'I don't know her' remark toward Kathy Griffin

Andy Cohen addresses Kathy Griffin's accusations.
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Bravo TV

Andy Cohen of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” was at the receiving end of serious shade from Kathy Griffin last week. She created a video response which claimed the talk show host had offered her “blow” just before he was set to interview her on air.

The backlash began when TMZ approached Cohen at the airport and asked if he had spoken with Kathy about hosting CNN’s New Years Eve coverage, a job Kathy lost after she posted pictures of herself holding up an effigy of Donald Trump’s severed head dripping in ketchup last June.

Cohen in response to the TMZ reporter feigned ignorance about the comedian, saying “I don’t know her.” The host and producer now says it was all a joke and he was making reference to a famous Mariah Carey shade toss at Jennifer Lopez.

Kathy hit back with a 17 minute video in which she called out TMZ showrunner Harvey Levine and Cohen, overtly giving out Levin’s telephone number.

In that video Kathy claims Cohen is misogynistic and was personally non-invested in her work at Bravo even after she won two Emmys. In that same video she made the accusation of Cohen offering her drugs, a charge Cohen says is “100-percent false."

On his radio show on Monday, Cohen addressed his on-camera remarks as “so innocuous and dumb.” He also explained his reaction to TMZ at the airport.

“Well, here is the deal,” Cohen said.  “Usually with TMZ, you’re walking and you say your thing and you get in your car. Well, my driver parked on the second level of the parking lot.

"So we’re standing there all that time waiting for the elevator, and that’s why it kept going on and on. And I didn’t really know how to pivot in the conversation. Like, ‘What, what, I don’t know!’ So I failed my Mariah impression.”

He admits that the joke fell flat, raising another query, “But can I ask you a question?” he asked co-host John Hill. “If you were a comedian and someone said, ‘I don’t know you,’ and it was obvious, like, aren’t there much more important things? How offensive is that in the galaxy?’”