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Amazon Key lets delivery people into your home while you're out

Are you willing to let strangers in your home just to get an Amazon package delivered while you're away?
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Remember when you were apprehensive about online ordering? You weren’t willing to plug in your credit card number over the internet because “it was so new.”

Now, not only are people buying things through online ordering, but in doing so, putting popular stores out of business. How much longer will Best Buy and Gamestop hang on?

The leader in screen-to-stoop delivery is of course Amazon. Not only have they revolutionized the industry, they have done so with great customer service and trustworthy delivery times.

Now they once again want to change things up. Introducing Amazon Key, an app/camera combo that allows deliverypersons access to the inside of your house if you are not home to answer the door.

Here comes that feeling of angst again where technology triggers your cognitive dissonance.

Starting November 8, Amazon Prime members who have purchased the $249.99 kit (some select third-party locks will work) which includes an electronic keypad and camera combo, will allow access to delivery people who scan a barcode at the doorstep which in turn sends a request to the Amazon Gods in the Cloud, and once everything is validated, will unlock the door, the customer getting an alert and a small video of the delivery.  

The door then re-locks after the drop-off is complete.

But there’s more, the camera is always on and just like Alexa’s ears its eye is open all the time.  

Which brings up a lot of questions about how much you really trust Amazon and their employees.

They say in an FAQ section about their delivery people: “Amazon Key in-home deliveries are carried out by some of the same professional drivers who you trust to deliver your Amazon orders today. These individuals are thoroughly vetted, with comprehensive background checks and motor vehicle records reviews.”

The online megamart is also hoping you use their service for other things such as allowing dog walkers to come in or housekeeping services; all in the name of convenience they say. “This includes services from home cleaning experts Merry Maids and pet sitters and dog walkers from Rover.com, as well as over 1,200 services from Amazon Home Services.”

However, the company does not recommend you get packages dropped off inside the door if you have a pet that can access it during delivery. You think your dog barks at the postman, what do you think will happen if a stranger steps into the house if they are loose?  Or worse what if the pet escapes? 

As in the early days of online ordering, there are probably many of you who say "no way" to allow not only a corporate e-watchdog into the privacy of your home by way of an all-seeing Cloud camera, but also literally giving the keys to your castle to a stranger. 

This next step in technology is socially multi-faceted and can raise more than a few questions.

One, how much will people allow Big Brother to infiltrate their homes for convenience and is the Orwellian prophecy of an all-seeing techno-beast truly becoming reality?

Further, how did you feel about online ordering in its beginning stages and how do you feel about it now? 

Afterall, gone are the days of the "domestic" who stayed home all day to clean, shop, sign for packages and walk the dog themselves, but even they let the questionable vacuum cleaner salesman in from time-to-time.