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BuzzFeed socially panned for 'I'm gay, but I'm not...' video

This video has social media clapping back.
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A new video by BuzzFeed has some social media sentinels in an uproar according to Queerty. The video shows gay men expressing what they are and what they aren’t. Specifically, distancing themselves from widely-held stereotypes. 

“I’m gay, but I’ve never seen an episode of Will & Grace,” says one.

“I’m gay, but I know nothing about Lady Gaga or Madonna,” says another.

Some are saying although the video was probably made with good intentions, it still brings focus to stereotypes and effectively shames those who like what these men do not.

Others say the video is simply showing how gay men are different. 

It should be noted that for every "I'm gay, but I'm not..." there are more "I'm gay and I am..." confessionals toward the end of the clip.

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