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RuPaul’s Drag Race stars stiff fans at official after-party

Promoter of "Werq the World" Tour accused of not following through with after-party promise.
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Voss Events

[Update (10/18/2017): This latest update includes screenshots of email exchanges between Hale Media and Voss Events. We originally did not include these exchanges. However, in light of Voss’ statement, we feel it’s right to include them to provide clarity to our readers.  

It should be noted that the first electronic communication you see, dated Sept. 16, is confirmation of the entire cast making a cameo at Rich’s for the after-party.

And the other dated Sept. 27 is confirmation by Voss Events that the entire cast would, in fact, make a cameo at Rich’s Nightclub.

The 50 tickets mentioned in Voss’ response were a part of the initial agreement and not tied to the after-party agreement. A majority of them were used to run a contest on behalf of Voss Events to promote their show, said Hale.

Here is Brandon Voss’ statement after our story ran:

“We paid for advertisements with your magazine and provided SDGLN with 50 complimentary tickets to the show. Contrary to your article, that was the basis of our agreement for “discounted services” with SDGLN. As with any afterparty we sanction, attendance by the cast is optional. I mentioned personally to Jonathan [sic] Hale that attending in San Diego would be difficult because we had to drive back to Los Angeles very late that same night for another show. The health and safety of our talent comes first so we were unfortunately unable to attend. We announced at the show that Detox would perform at the afterparty, not the entire cast. I already apologized to Jonathan [sic] Hale and the management at Rich’s for what was clearly a miscommunication regarding the entire cast attending. To then slam us publicly and imply that we don’t care about the fans is untrue, unprofessional and unnecessary.”

In a public social media conversation on Facebook, one of the stars of Werq the World Tour, Matthew Sanderson (a.k.a Detox) responded with the below comment when Hale asked for a statement about the situation:

Johnathan Hale I knew of my sole arrangement with Rich's. I was under the impression we were all staying in San Diego which is why I suggested doing an after party so I could take advantage of the rare opportunity to see my friends there. I was not told of any other arrangements between Voss and you or Rich's until I got there. It was a very uncomfortable situation to be in for me, but I showed up, did what I had agreed to, and that's all I can say. None of us were told about any other obligations."

We have also removed our original photo of Latrice Royale as the header of this article]

Original story: 

San Diego “Werq the World” showgoers were disappointed on Thursday night when a scheduled after-party with cameos from the entire cast at Rich’s Nightclub didn’t happen.

San Diego Pix publisher, Johnathan Hale, who also owns San Diego Gay and Lesbian News (SDGLN), helped organize the after-party and says emails and communications were sent back and forth between him and Voss confirming the cast would be present, some only briefly. 

On Sept. 16, Voss wrote in an email with Hale that the entire cast would at least make a cameo at the party with a least one performer staying behind to do a show while the rest headed back to Los Angeles.

Confirmation texts were sent between Voss and Hale on Oct. 12, the eve of the event, but Voss explained the cast was tired and they didn't want to stop after all and  "we had announced it like ten times at the show..." Hale then asked if they could just quickly "stop by." 

Voss continued to say that he "couldn't force them all to go." 

Hale questions whether or not the cast was informed of the cameos they were supposed to make. 

"It is unclear at this time if the entire cast of Werq the World Tour was even told about the scheduled appearances," he said. "What is clear is that a promise was made by promoter Brandon Voss of Voss Events and he failed to deliver.   We feel completely let down and taken advantage of."

DragRace stars Detox and Shangela did show up as scheduled and followed-through for appreciative fans, but others such as Alyssa EdwardsKim ChiLatrice RoyalePeppermintValentina and Violet Chachki went back to Los Angeles without making the agreed upon appearance.

Hale says this failure to fulfill agreed upon terms In exchange for services/representation provided by Rich’s Nightclub and Hale Media is a breach of contract.

He also says both he and Rich's offered extremely discounted services from their businesses in exchange for the promised cameos from the entire cast at the after-party. 

One thing Hale wants to make clear is his appreciation of "Werq the World" queens Detox and Shangela who did perform at Rich's after the show, "letting fans know you care about them."

SDGLN reached out to Voss Events for a statement but has not received a response as of this writing.